• Two projects of Mano de Santo , valencian architects team o aspire to the prestigious award Building of the Year.
  • The property is located on a plot of accentuated slope, oriented South-East and its altitude is visible in the foreground the City of Valencia and in the distance the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The I+D+I pavilion is the specific and tangible space where it is carried out the training, creativity and innovation of Embutidos Martinez company.
  • Un proyecto que comienza en la selección de la parcela y que continúa con la búsqueda de una Idea que responda a la voluntad de los clientes de mostrar su propia identidad.
  • My gift collection is a new furniture conception, designed by Mano de Santo for Garcia Ferrer. These pieces are the result of a volumetric abstraction exercise, seeking new forms, breaking the box to leave pass to imagination.
  • We are aware there is an evolution in the human necessities, so we have transformed these necessities into services.
Mano de Santo ™
proyectos con identidad | identity projects
Calle Maldonado 16 Bajo C - 46001 Valencia (Spain) | +34 960 037 027