Project description

A small building for a single-family home forms the corner of one of the consolidated blocks of the historic center of Alaquàs.

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The volumetry, the buildability, the parameters defined by the particular urban regulations, together with the architects’ premise of achieving a soft integration into the existing urban structure, result in a simple building, based on the traditional houses of town, with a very careful treatment of the facades facing the public thoroughfare and the interior patio, combining on the one hand the traditional geometry and the formalization of the openings together with the contemporary design in the carpentry materials, solar protections and composition.

The proposed house is developed on three levels articulated by an access patio, a fundamental piece in the composition since it provides privacy, lighting and organizes the different uses of the house and its circulation.

The facades are designed according to their orientation and function, with a predominance of the opaque. The fenestration has a vertical geometry in accordance with the windows of the surrounding buildings.

For greater integration of the building, we use a sloping roof of Arabic ceramic tile with an earthy finish and typical materials from the area.

The ground floor will contain the main uses of the day areas, a garage for 3 cars and the access patio.

The first floor will contain the most private night areas, its arrangement will also be made around the main patio that will provide lighting and privacy to the rooms.

The roof plant will be used for the placement of installation machinery, with specific access for maintenance.

Alaquàs, Valencia l Spain

Architects Francesc de Paula García Martínez, Ana Gil Collado y Francisco Miravete Martín

Quantity surveyor Eduardo Ferrer Domenech

Pictures Diego Opazo