Project description

The I+D+I pavilion is the specific and tangible space where it is carried out the training, creativity and innovation of Embutidos Martinez company. It is designed aiming to become the space where people could feel out of their usual environment and release their creativity. Free to have their own opinion and discuss. we must create a place free of usual pressures and rules: an space without hierarchy, without fear to express feelings and opinions, a space free to sketch and create,a space free of ”ties” and business archetypes.

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  We made our initial requirements proposed by the company as we found them very illustrative of space you wish to have and how they intend to use it. The initial premise that intends the possible location at various points led us to study a pavilion from modular architecture with easy installation and removal system. Six prismatic modules 4.810×2.60×3.29 meters, these dimensions perfectly fit trucking possibilities, so they will form a prism of pure geometry total approximate dimensions of 16.20×4.8x 3.20 meters. The prism is an apparently closed element, without any reference to the outside rather than its clear industrial nature enhanced by the chosen coating, a gray lacquered miniwavesteelsheet.Only access to this element seems to be sensed through the gap that appears at one end.Once you enter the inner space shows clearly illuminated and open to the outside, one of its facades is made up of large windows that are hidden from the outside by microperforated steel sheets as a second skin. The box apparentlylocked from the outside, becomes a fully open box from inside. The inner space it is designed neutral, totally plane, both walls and ceilings becoming a thought-provoking space with a warm colored pavement that invites you to relax. Our pretension was to create a new cozy and stunning space at the company which permits the staff to get out of their own work routine. It has been chosen dry coating and light materials , choices not commonly used neither in offices nor working areas. Walls and ceilings (accessible) are coated by 10 mm. thick black wooden fiber boards, a moving panel as blackboard will be available. Flooriscoveredbyanoakwoodlaminatedplank. The space can be divided in two by a moving wall, made of the same material as the coating. This will be driven by a ceiling guide and on the floor will be gathered on one of the longitudinal walls.  

Cheste, Valencia l Spain

Architects Francesc de Paula García Martínez, Ana Gil Collado y Francisco Miravete Martín.

Pictures Diego Opazo