Project description

The new home is located in the urban center of Alaquàs, a historical-artistic protection area. It is terraced house, as is usual in the typical consolidated block of the historic center.

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At the request of the owners, the house is developed on two floors, also incorporating an outdoor patio with the possibility of physically joining the house to achieve a larger space in summer. The ground floor is used for the day area, where the living room, dining room and kitchen are located, while the first floor is used for the night area, with the bedrooms and the laundry room.

The current character of the building is harmonized with the environment thanks to the reinterpretation of native elements of the area. In this sense, the main façade is designed with a predominance of the opaque, with a limited fenestration and vertical geometry in keeping with the windows of the surrounding buildings. A sloping roof made of rab ceramic tile with an earthy finish will also be used, as well as typical materials from the area such as plaster, brick and stone.

The patio is configured as an essential element when it comes to maximizing the comfort of users, providing the home with abundant ventilation and natural lighting, while softening the temperatures outside. From a spatial point of view, the visuals are lengthened and enriched, blurring the border between the interior and the exterior.

Alaquas, Valencia l Spain

Architects Francesc de Paula García Martínez, Ana Gil Collado and Francisco Miravete Martín

Quantity Surveyor Irene Vila Díaz, Alfonso Lara Martínez

Pictures Diego Opazo