Project description

The COVID-19 has brought along the need to adapt to a totally and exceptionally new situation, where our day to day has been modified and altered. This also implies the need to rethink some actions and behaviours of our everyday life, something that, in many cases, will have to come together with the new design of certain elements.

At Mano de Santo we wanted to make our own contribution from the field of work we know and the work sphere we are focused on, in order to assist in improving the situation or, at least, not to make it worse. After all, the role of design is to transform the reality aiming to change for the better the lives of all people.


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In this context, we noticed that, in most cases, the act of opening a door without the hands touching the handle had become a complicated task. Door handles, particularly in hospitals and medical centres, but also in any working environments, hotels, buildings or shops entrance doors, are elements that withstand the transit of large numbers of people, resulting in it being touched many times throughout the day. To find other formulas so that we can continue to open doors without taking any risks had become a pressing necessity.

More so, what was needed was something that anyone could easily reproduce with the resources we have now at hand, and for it to reach the highest possible number of people.

This is how we set out to create some cardboard protectors that could be built in the door handles in such a way that there is no need to use the hands and instead we can use the forearm or the elbow. We have named it Hands Up. Here you can find all you need to craft your own handle protectors, from the templates to the step by step instructions.

Hands Up is a one hundred per cent Do It Yourself proposal. It can be crafted using any carton package or cardboard boxes. From a biscuits, cereals, detergent or beer boxes to the delivery cardboard boxes we receive these days.

The creation process is very simple. We draw the template on a piece of cardboard, then we trim the edges and cut out the holes for the door handle; next we fold it by the defined vertices thus obtaining the accordion shape. One it is in place we will add a tight elastic band at the end of the handle to prevent displacement.

Hands Up complies with the DIY format. However, we have left the design as free unrestrictive use so that, in the future, companies and workshops wishing to produce and distribute it are able to do so in an easy way. We put only one condition: that a percentage of the production is destined to medical centres, nursing homes or any other public service spaces and initiatives.