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Project description
The solution is according to requirements provided by the client, which is more functional, and the aesthetic, the constructive characteristics of the environment and the particularities of the plot where the site takes place. Read moreRead less

The volume, buildable and the urban parameters are defined according to urban regulations for this area with the premise of achieving a peaceful integration and optimization of the conditions of the plot and its orientation which implicating on building. A complex set of pure volumes, with an attentive façades according to their orientation and views, with a new design of composition carpentry, solar protection and preferred materials.

The house is basically settled on two floors, floor 0 and floor 1. On floor 0, which includes main access to the building and also bedrooms are arranged. The uppermost part of plot is flat to enjoy the best views. On 1st floor, it includes kitchen and dining room, it is the public area of the house at an intermediate level, it is covered with terraces and discovered with the rest of the plot, the pool is also on this floor. There is another lower level, which is municipal authorization qualified as basement (floor 2), and it includes gym, wine cellar, projection area, warehouse and facilities, is attached to the house.

The volume of the building is clear and simple, include vertical louvers of shutters that break down the volume and empower the image, these louvers protect glass façade from the sunlight which is on larger magnitude of the building. The new walls and volumes are finalized in white monolayer with smooth finish, the rest of terraced walls in connect with the ground and for pool, rough stone is used of the place.


Javea, Alicante | Spain


Francesc de Paula García Martínez, Ana Gil Collado y Francisco Miravete Martín

Quantity Surveyor

Eduardo Ferrer Domenech